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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Online Business and Retirement

As Baby Boomers are approaching their retirement years, many are not confident or well prepared for their future. The changing economy has forced many to re-think their future and many will have to make hard choices. It may come down to many having to work extra years in order to be able to make ends meet.  One way to gain extra income with limitless potential is to start an online business.

Building an online business is something that one could pursue while they are still working a full time job. Just putting a few hours in a week to get it going is all it would take. Of course, if you are already retired you can put in as much time as your willing.

Most folks by now have some computer skills that could be put to use running an online business. If not, check your local college or community center for computer courses that could give you some training.  Anyone can build a successful online business by putting in the time as well as doing the research and planning. Be sure to choose an area of business that inspires and creates passion in you. There are endless ideas on the net and many that cost little to no money to start up. 

You’ve heard the saying ‘the world is your oyster’, well with an online business you have the potential to reach customers all over the world. No boundaries or having to rely on local support. You can have eyes on your business day and night, while you’re sleeping your business can be bringing in sales.

Starting an online business to supplement your retirement income can help to ease your stress and give you a purpose as many people who retire find themselves at a loss with no direct purpose. This can lead to depression and ill health for many. An online business gives you freedom and flexibility, you can set your own work hours, choose something you enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Anyways I’m rambling on here so I’ll bring this to a close, be inspired and pro-active as you think about your future.  

I’ve been busy working on designs and marketing for my store Designs by Shell.  Come on by for a snoop around, lots of new creations. 

Cute Monster Birthday Invitation

Beach Scene We`ve Moved Postcard

Bumble Bee with Yellow Flower Shirt

Moon and Stars Baby Shower Square Sticker

Polka Dot Cupcake Liners Rectangular Stickers

Blue Smiley Face Cupcake Postage Stamps




  1. Such cute designs. I particularly like the cupcake "It's a Party" stamp. You've written a lot of Squidoo lenses. I will look at them. Cheers, Marian

  2. Thank you Marian, glad you enjoyed my designs! Thanks, I liked your FB page! Have a fabulous day and keep up to great work too! :-)