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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Engaging and Keeping Your Readers

Have you often wondered how to engage and keep your blog readers coming back for more? With so many distractions and something more interesting being just a click away it can truly be a daunting task to get folks to spend a few minutes reading your blog post.  Whether you write for monetary purposes or just because you love writing, you still want your content to be read.

Come on, I know you have valuable and useful material to share with others but perhaps you ‘re struggling with readership. Well let’s look at a few ways to engage readers and make them want to read, share and comment on your blog.

1) Decide on your target audience and write specifically for them, don’t get side tracked writing for friends and family unless they are you’re target audience! Think about who you’re trying to communicate with, who is your ideal customer?

2) Grab your reader’s attention with a catchy ‘headline’. This is your chance to communicate the gist of your article in an amusing or hot topic title. Great titles can draw in the crowds or turn them away!

3) You want you’re readers to participate to some degree on your blog, right? So ask questions, have ‘like’ and share buttons that they can utilize, be sure that you have a ‘follow’ this blog gadget.

4) Stay in touch with your blog traffic stats. Use Google analytics or another stat counter to see which of your posts receives the most traffic. Which ones get shared and tweeted!

5) Be sure your blog articles contain value for your readers. Readers will not stay on your page for long if they aren’t engaged and learning something from your content. Keep your writing clean and free from nonsense. People won’t come back or bookmark your blog if you’re just wasting their time.

Do your readers share with you, do you consistently get comments and re-tweets from others? Tell me about your experience with this?

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