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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why is it Necessary to Market Your Business

If you have an online business you are probably aware that without marketing it’s pretty much impossible to attract customers and have your business seen by the masses. With so many people using the internet  daily there is great potential to increase traffic, interest and sales for your business. Marketing your business online is, I believe the most effective method available to us. Small and large companies all over the world are taking advantage of this.

Why You Should Market Online

1) Cost Effective – Online marketing can be done with little monetary investment. There are endless sites to strategically market your business which means the potential to earn from these sites can be quite high.  Of course a small investment may be beneficial on some sites but it’s still your choice how much you want to invest.

2) Global Reach -  With millions of people accessing the internet daily from all corners of the world the potential for new customers is remarkable. You can have ‘eyes’ on your business at all times. Your shop never closes. I love waking up to sales that have come in during the night!

3) Building Trust – Sharing, networking, connecting allows people to see that you’re ‘human’ just like them. All of these things help to build trust in your company and allows your customers to feel secure in buying and sharing your business.

I hope you take advantage of the many online marketing tools and sites available to you.

I’ve been working harder on promoting my store Designs by Shell this week. Sales have been good! Online promotion works! Here are some more samples from my store.  Feel free to leave me a comment or a marketing tip that has worked well for you!

Elegant Purple Hydrangeas Tiles
Elegant Purple Hydrangeas Tiles
cartoon Hedgehogs Coffee Mug
Cartoon Hedgehogs Coffee Mug
Teddy Bear Pirate Postage Stamps
Teddybear Pirate Postage Stamps
Purple Hippo Baby Shower Postage Stamp
Purple Hippo Baby Shower Postage
Sea Lion Pool Party Invitation
Sea Lion Pool Party Invitation
Pink Hydrangeas Post Cards
Pink Hydrangeas Post Cards

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