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Friday, August 10, 2012

Kayaking an Enjoyable Workout

Have you ever been kayaking before? Today was my 4th time kayaking with my husband. The first time I experienced this fun sport was in Kauai, Hawaii on the Wailua River. It was a blast and a good workout too. Today my husband Brian and I spent two hours paddling at Deep Cove, Vancouver, B. C., a  beautiful scenic setting with beautiful mountains all around the harbour. We rent a double kayak.

Deep Cove 011The ocean is fairly calm unless you go out to far, then the winds can pick up. Today the weather was warm and sunny and the wind was barely a breeze for most of the kayak trip.

Deep Cove 007As we were on the return trip back to the shore we were talking about what a great upper body workout kayaking is. Using those arm and shoulder muscles repeatedly, you could really feel it by the time we were finished. If you love the outdoors, water and like an enjoyable workout you should give kayaking a try. Perhaps you already do this sport regularly in the summer. Share a little with me here, if you like! Do you have a favourite spot you love to kayak?

In keeping up with new designs for my store I’ll soon be adding some kayaking pictures to items as time permits. We’ve been busy doing lots of day trips with my husband on summer holidays right now. My designs are still coming but just not quite as quickly as before. Here are a few recent creations for you to view. Visit my store Designs by Shell to see more!

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