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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Use Youtube to Market Your Business

In exploring different ways to market my business I was reminded about making a Youtube video clip. This is a great marketing tool and can help you gain exposure for your company or brand. I had no experience at this but thought I’d check out what others were doing. Once I realized how easy this was I decided to use a simple video editing platform called One True Media, they lay everything out with simple directions, they even provide the music. With this you can create free video clips, of course if you want to get into making bigger and better ones you’ll have to pay a little for this. When you publish a video to your account, You Tube creates a profile channel and viewers can subscribe to it. Pretty cool! This way of marketing has proved beneficial for many people so like me why not get on the bandwagon and embrace this technology. It is free and fun to create these after all, you do want to promote your business every way you can, don’t you?

Here’s one that I’ve done,

Funny Animal Cards

As always here are some of my recent designs I’ve been working on for Designs by Shell

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