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Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Ways to Repurpose Old T-shirts

Everyone has a few old t-shirts that they probably no longer wear. Perhaps your style has changed, you no longer like them or they just don’t fit anymore, well I have some creative and fun ideas to repurpose those t-shirts. Just be sure they are clean and fresh before creating these items or before you decide to send them to the goodwill or toss them out.

1) Make a pretty t-shirt flower. Use a white t-shirt or a bright color, add a pin back and use it as an embellishment for another shirt. See tutorial! Easy enough for kids to manage.

2) Create a t-shirt scarf, there are many styles that can be made. Braided ones are hot right now!

3) Sew a drawstring or tote bag using the base of a t-shirt. Great for books or toys.

4) Stitch a casual memory quilt, use t-shirts with logos or pick a theme or color scheme. Get creative…

5) Crochet a t-shirt rag rug. Here is a page showing a neat one.

6) Crochet a round pot holder, similar to rug but much smaller.

7) Make the kids some comfy throw pillows using a t-shirt that they loved but perhaps have out grown.

8) Lastly, cut them up for dusting and polishing cloths for the home and vehicles.

Well I hope you liked my ideas, share one of your own in a comment with me!

I’ll share some fun t-shirt’s from my store since the theme this week is all about them. Thanks for visiting… Designs by Shell

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