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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ornamental Cherry Blossom Trees

Looking out my patio window I’m staring at the beautiful cherry blossom trees that are lining the sides of the road. Living on a corner lot we have three cherry blossom trees on the fringe of our yard. Two of them have several blossoms and the third is just beginning to bloom. I love this time of year as the trees looks so pretty with the soft, pink ornamental cherry blossoms. I was reading that originally cherry trees were given as a gift to the people of the U.S.A. from Japan. The cherry tree originated from Japan in 1912 also called the ‘Sakura’, an exalted flowering plant. Many cities celebrate with ‘National Cherry Blossom Festivals’, showing beautiful displays of these trees. The Cherry Festival marks the beginning of spring in Washington, the nation’s capital. All kinds of activities and special celebrations take place during cherry blossom season. I imagine it would be quite a site to behold.  As a lover of nature and all things floral I love to capture great pictures of the cherry blossoms when I have the chance too! Here are some of the pictures on products that I have in my store, Designs by Shell and some from other photographers that have taken some beautiful pictures too!


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