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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Caught in the Whirlwind of Technology

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions? As a society we are being saturated more and more with new technology everyday. It’s perfectly normal for individuals to be feeling a little overwhelmed at times. It can be a challenge to keep up with all of the new technology like social networks, e-mail, blogging and business networks. Then add in all of the latest tech gadgets like smartphones, e-readers, ipads, music devices and other handheld technology. It seems almost every week some ‘newer’ form of technology is being thrown into the mix. It’s no wonder individuals feel pulled in every direction. Overall technology is a positive thing but we definitely need to control how we use it.  I guess over all we have to put things into perspective and try to maintain balance in our lives, after all technology isn’t going to be going away, it will be constantly changing and pushing us forward.  Most business’ now will grow and thrive because of the new technology. 

Zazzle is one of those business’ that is thriving because of the advances in technology. They are the only on-demand platform for consumers offering high quality products. Recently they added another bunch of great products to design on. To name a few, classy messenger bags, planner/organizers, macbook sleeves, and ipad covers. Here I’ll share a few of my latest designs. For more stop by my store Designs by Shell.

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