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Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's a Party Without Cupcakes

Cupcakes are everywhere. Now one of the most popular ‘cake’ ideas for parties are cupcakes. Mini bite size morsels of goodness. These fancy little cakes can be done up for any party theme you can dream up, no limits here! I have always been a fan of cupcakes and love to create designs for birthday invitations, t-shirts, business cards and other items. I also love coming up with quotes or cute cupcake sayings for my creations. Here are a few of my favourite sayings:

“When you frost a cupcake, you  spread the love”

“When you share a cupcake, you share love”

“Will work harder for cupcakes”

“Official cupcake taste tester” (somebody’s got to do it)”

“Cookies are for kids, Cupcakes are for grown-ups”

“Everyday is a day for cupcakes”

“What’s a party without cupcakes”

-by S. Kuhn

All of the above sayings are ones that I came up with on my own, such fun!  I just finished this page on The Cutest Cupcake Party Invitations … there are invites for many types of holiday & birthday parties featuring cupcakes.


  1. love your cupcakes=p And those hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful in the picture at the top of this blog=)

  2. Thank you Cheri! I love those hydrangeas too, that pic was taken at a botanical garden, wish they were mine! :-)