Collection: We've Moved New Address Labels

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Designer Labels

Zazzle recently introduced labels as one of the new items to be designed. Now that we are entering fall and the holidays are coming quickly it's the perfect time to purchase some fresh new labels. These labels can be used for new address', gift tags as well as name tags or special ocassions like weddings and bridal showers. They can all be customized as desired. Here are a few for you to view. Find many more at Designs by Shell

A Cozy House Address Label

Chocolate and Blue Designer Cake

Elegant Blue Wedding Cake

Christmas Ornaments

Penguin Christmas


  1. Cool that you can now create labels. This might be a pretty catchy product line for ya. I like the penguin!

  2. Thank you, I like to draw those cartoon penguins! Everyone can use labels hey! :-)

  3. These are great, I hope they are popular

  4. I need to pay more attention. I had no idea we could make labels now. Your selections here are wonderful!