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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chocolate and Pink Wedding Designs

Fall is a beautiful season for weddings. I've been selling lots of wedding postage and bridal themed designs lately. This of course inspired me to come up with some more unique wedding creations. I've been designing invitations, business cards, save the date magnets and more using some elegant and stylish design ideas. I love to combine unique color combinations and interesting patterns. Chocolate brown with different shades of pinks and blues are very popular right now. Also trending themes of polka dots and stripes are being seen a lot right now too. Above are a few of my latest designs for you to see. I've also just finished this mini article (lens) on Pink Bridal Shower Invitations and Ideas If you know anyone looking for 'pink' ideas you can direct them here. For more designs visit my store Designs by Shell


  1. These are beautiful, do you find the Squidoo lenses help direct traffic?

  2. Thank you! Yes, I do believe that the len's help bring some traffic. I have approx. 140 lens' now and each of them promotes my store in some small way! I'm sure you've seen a variety of my lens down the side of my blog. Lots of topics and ideas that I've covered. They're fun to do too! :-)

  3. I love the colors you have selected for these wedding designs. Really attractive.