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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heard the Latest Buzz - Toy Story 3

Pardon the pun! My husband and I went out for dinner on Monday night and then to the Toy Story 3 movie. It's been many, many years since my boys were running through the house with Buzz and Woody saying "to infinity and beyond" or "there's a snake in my boot"! Sure brought back memories though. Maybe your thinking adults going to a childrens movie is kind of weird. This movie however had touch points for all ages. The young children of course relate easily, teens and older adults can relate as the story is about 'Andy' the main character heading off to college. He has to decide what to do with all his old toys that he's grown out of. As I love to draw animal characters and cartoonish images I found this movie quite inspiring. So above you'll see the cute bears that I've been creating the last couple of days, for products in my store. Hope you enjoy them and if you'd like to see more come by Designs by Shell for a visit!


  1. Thank you, I love drawing expression filled little bears! :-)