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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You've Got To Get A Steam Mop

Well I thought I'd share with you my top ranking lens 'The Best Steam Mop Around' and tell you a few little stories and why this lens seems to be doing so well. This steam mop lens has had over 8400 visits and to date I have had over 50 comments on this lens, it seems people are very interested in steam mop reviews. I created this lens about my Steam Mop that I purchased at a National Exhibition, you know one of those big fairs where they sell everything from the latest cooking gadgets to mops! I was so excited when I saw the demonstration and had to have one! So about my lens, I have had some great comments from folks and some funny ones too. One of the comments was from someone who purchased the mop and needed some more of the velcro pads that attach to the bottom of the mop. She apparently thought I owned the 'Steam Mop' business as she sent me her address and personal info. I've had all kinds of questions, many of which I've been able to answer and some that other commenters have given their advice on. It is such a cool way to share and help others. So I encourage you to visit my Steam Mop lens and read some of the great comments and maybe you'll decide you should have one too!
This week I've been working on some more Valentine Designs for my store and some fun fruit designs too! Pop in for a look at what's new.Shell's Designs

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