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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Organize Your Time

When you have several sites to maintain it can be overwhelming sometimes. This week I am trying to be more organized with my time. I am trying to spend one day working on one site and designating another day to work on a different site. One day I will spend more time writing and then set aside another day to focus on my store. It takes quite a lot of time to design and create new products so for this I need more focused time. When I block time to work on these, I can usually get more done. There is still housework, meals, and errands that have to get done too! My latest article for Squidoo that I just finished is all about my favourite pink lipsticks. Suprisingly, there are lots of lipstick fans out there! Just look under my Squidoo Lenses in the sidebar here and you can check it out! Also thought I'd show some of the business cards I've been working on for my Zazzle store. Come have a look around, great gift ideas, you never know what might inspire you. Shell's Designs

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