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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chocolate Designs

Well it's the weekend! Yeah, although I have to tackle some house cleaning and catch up on the laundry. Counting down the days to our Hawaii vacation, less than 2 weeks now! I'm not one for going to tanning salons but because I am generally fair skinned I've been told to definitely get a base tan so I don't burn in Hawaii. So I'm off for a tan today too, this is my fourth visit so getting used to it now! The first time was pretty freaky, I went in the stand up booth as I thought I would be too clostrophobic in the laydown bed! It's working well, I'm getting brown! Don't think I'll take to doing this regularly though but to prepare for a hot vacation, I'm okay with that! :-) Any regular tanners out there?!
I've been working on different designs for my zazzle store, designs of coffee and chocolate flooding my mind! I created some cute chocolate t-shirts, great for birthday gifts or for ourselve! Also some fun mugs that would make great gifts for co-workers and friends birthdays too! Come have a look!
Shell's Designs

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