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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Networking for Business

What is business networking?  According to Wikipedia “a business network is a type of social network that exists primarily for business  activity.” A business networking site allows its followers or users to build business relationships and share and promote business opportunities. Many users of these type of sites prefer this method of generating business leads as often the cost of promotion is very minimal. Business networking websites have become quite popular over the last several years. They are a great means to promote your own business and grow your business contacts.

If you want to become a successful business networker, it takes some hard work and an abundance of time. Don’t expect overnight results but with persistence and the use of networking tools you can grow your business this way.

Finding a great business platform that you tune into regularly is your first step. Let this be your main channel for building your network. Of course, one can join or be a part of many different sites but I personally like to have one that I check in with every single day. You’ll know it’s the right one for you when you are receiving advice and worthy information from fellow business networkers as well as offering yours.

A healthy mindset of a successful business networker is to be positive and encouraging and give good advice where you can. Building trust and gaining respect from fellow networkers goes a long way in business.

I’ve chosen IBO Toolbox as the business networking platform where I can share and build my business. This platform is ‘free’ to join, no payment required! No hassling or pushing requests in your face to spend money on this platform. Just click on the advertised sponsors every now and then to help keep it free.

It offers amazing tools to help new and mature business owner’s grow. You can advertise your business or opportunity and get your business in front of 300,000 plus visitors a day. IBO Toolbox offers a social networking site as well as the business site so has great potential for connecting. So yes, if you’re looking for a business networking site to join, where you can add value and gain knowledge to grow your business this is a place I recommend.

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