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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Focusing on New Products

We’ve been getting a blast of heat here for the last few days, today is particularly hot! I have all the blinds and windows closed in an effort to keep the house cool, kind of helping!

So today I thought I’d share with you all of the new products that Zazzle has been pushing out in the last few weeks. Some great new items, so many in fact that it’s hard to keep up with designing but I’m not complaining as it expands the market reach!  Offering a wider range of products engages more people and potentially attracts more buyers. 

First we have these great Jelly Belly Tins to design, they come in a variety of cool shapes and sizes and you can choose your flavour of jelly beans or mints. They can be ordered in bulk too! These are great for wedding favours and baby shower keepsakes too! I think they will be popular as stocking stuffers as well!

Wrist watches in about 8 different styles like sporty, vintage, glitter, leather and the classic stainless steel type. Many different colors to choose from too! Adult styles as well as cute options for kids.

American Apparel brand offers leggings for women and girls in a fitted, cotton spandex blend. Perfect for layering. Find the design that speaks to you, maybe a simple word like ‘dance or active’ or a whimsical creation. Different colors to choose from.

Scarfs are another new product. Super soft 100% jersey cotton scarfs, perfect accessory to wrap yourself up in or give as a gift. One size fits all. Lots of designs and motifs.

Wallets in nylon, denim with coin purse and several different leather style wallets. A variety of sizes, color options and awesome designs available.

Several new styles of t-shirts, long sleeve tops and hoodies have also come on board. Lots of fun options for apparel!

With all of these new products it can sure keep one busy coming up with fresh and unique ideas for designing all of them. I think I have my work cut out for me for the next few months!

Here is a sampling below… thanks for visiting my store. I appreciate all of my customers and potential customers too! Designs by Shell

Cozy House Wrist Watches

Purple Hippo in the Leaves Shirts

Purple Blossoms Wallets

Starfish and Ocean Wallet

Pink Butterfly - Just Dance Legging

Colorful Butterflies Scarf


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