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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Re-Do It

As I was thinking about what I would blog about this week an idea came to me as I was giving a small table a new look, a re-do you might say! I was in the mood this past week to do something creative but a little different from my drawing and designing. My mom and my sister are forever painting walls or tables, dressers etc. in their homes and my mom told me about this great paint that she recently used on a curio cabinet and so I thought I`ve got something I could paint. 

I had an older table or actually a plant stand that was not in use so I sanded it down as it was a cherry wood color and then I gave it a couple of coats of aluminum gloss paint. Almost silver but a more muted tone, I think it looks great. Here are some pictures!



Just a re-do and it has a fresh look, perfect to set a plant or a bowl of fruit on!  I also painted a vase holder and a candle holder too, you know when you get started it`s hard to stop! Lol! Here they are!


So how does this relate to business you say, well sometimes one can get stuck or maybe in a rut where you just keep seeing things and doing things the same way you always have. When you find something is not working in your business you need to take a close look at why it`s not working and how you could do something differently . The great thing in business is that you are never completely stuck, it may take some time and effort but you can make changes, refocus and start fresh if you have too! There is nothing wrong with re-doing something that`s not progressing or giving you the results you`re after. Stay passionate and dedicate the time and energy to your business and you`ll soon see success.

I`ve been having a great month in my store, Designs by Shell. Working on fresh new designs and tweeking some existing ones. Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment. Love to hear how others are doing!

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