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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Changes in Marketing Methods

Zazzle has recently announced some changes that will affect many areas of those that have a Zazzle store.  This will definitely mean that we as store owner’s will have to make changes in our marketing methods. These changes come in the light of the VB. (volume bonus)  Here is the Zazzle Volume Bonus Program Terms and when they take effect.

Basically Zazzle wants us as business owner’s to market our products through as many means as we can. Promoting our products through websites other than Zazzle. Creating our own webpages that link to our products. A blog like this one, is a great place to start. Here you can share about your work, your latest products and designs and promote your other pages too. Also use sites like Twitter, Squidoo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, IBO Toolbox and so forth. 

An easy way to get started with your own website is through This site makes creating your own webpage really simple.  A drag and drop site perfect for those less technical. One can buy a domain name like I did and create a page marketing your products. This is where you want to go niche’ and choose one type of design or theme from your business and promote them through their own webpage.   Promote the page and products with their own url rather than a mass store url.

Just like a brick and mortar business, an on-line business needs to be promoted and marketed and likely more so! Spend time in forums and leave comments and links where appropriate. These methods will all help you to gain a presence and get more eyes on your products. 

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