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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business

Have you noticed while watching television lately all the advertisements for companies that are on facebook. It seem this is the hot place to host a page with your business. Yesterday I decided to get on the band wagon and create a page for my own business. There are a few catches it seems that until you get at least 25 likes (this is people liking your page) you can’t have your own url. Once you receive 25 likes then I believe you can have your business name in the url so that it can be found easily by others. Until then you have to promote your page through whatever means works for you. Social media groups like twitter, a blog and forums that you connect with are all good ways to get your page out there. Once you’ve created a page you’ll want to make sure that you update daily or at least every couple of days to keep it fresh and interesting. If you have a business and haven’t done this yet you should get started, it’s another way to promote your company. 

You can check out the link to my page right here...
Designs by Shell

Here are some of the latest designs I’ve been creating for products for Designs by Shell

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