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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unique iPad and iPhone Cases

Recently Zazzle introduced some new products for us to design. A couple of the latest ones are iPad cases and iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 cases. Now there is no excuse to have just a plain black case unless of course you simply like black cases. I’ve been designing some pretty cool looking iPad cases with abstract and striped designs as well as some florals and ‘green’ designs. Some modern and trendy looks for the young and older crowd.

This first one is a grape coloured link design with a soft mauve background and the second one is a blue and chocolate link design with a soft blue background.

Here are a couple of my iPhone 3 cases that I designed. Stripes seem to be popular!







Finally here are a couple of the iPhone 4 cases that I’ve designed.







To see the other designs I have pop by my store Designs by Shell


  1. Those are some great designs, it's nice to have something square for a change :O)

  2. Thank you, ya these products are fun to design and fun to come up with creative ideas for!