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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Music Touches Us All

Isn't it wonderful how it doesn't matter what country or place someone comes from music has a way of bringing everyone together. Now that's not saying we all like the same type or style of music but just that music has a way of touching all of us. Whether it's the words of a song that speak to us or just the melody that soothes us. So you guessed it, I've been designing music items for my store. I have especially been focusing on guitar themes. I created business cards, magnets and mugs with a musical theme. I also wrote a lens (mini-article) about Unique Gifts for Acoustic Guitar Players, come and have a look! Never too soon to start thinking of gifts for the holidays or birthdays! Zazzle has a sale on this weekend called the Columbus Day Sale. Use code 1492COLUMBUS to receive 14.92% off your order.
Designs by Shell

To my Canadian readers, Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and don't over do it on the turkey! :-)


  1. Do you find the Squidoo lenses make a difference in sales? I made a few but didn't get a lot of traffic.

  2. I think overall they do, as I have about 150 Squidooo lenses that's lots of opportunity for marketing! :-)