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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finale - Kris or Adam

Some Great Garden Designs that I created for these t-shirts, mugs and stickers.

Well I'm blogging while watching the finale of American Idol! It's the big night, is it Kris or Adam? I missed Tues. show so I don't know who did better or stood out the most last night! I think it's going to be pretty exciting! Anyhow, aside from this I've been learning lots of new things the last few days! Let's see I joined,this is a really cool photo sharing site, if you haven't heard about it you should check it out! People from all over can post their own photos and share them with others. This is so great! I added about 15 of my own photos for sharing, this allows people who may not be able to get photos of something they're interested in or need a picture of to have access. Really cool! I've been busy designing some products for my zazzle store. I went to a great park this past weekend and took about 40 photographs while wandering around! Enjoyed the ocean air and walking with my husband! While that's it for now, chat again soon!

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