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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful Postage

Well I'm not usually on my laptop this early but this morning my son had to be at school at 6am for a 3 day field trip to Victoria, B.C. So I had to be up extra early today, after I dropped him off I went right to the gym for an awesome workout! So needless to say I'm feeling energized and ready to go! Have a load of laundry in the dryer already and just finished a great bowl of oatmeal! Zazzle is still having a postage sale, so if you need to pick up stamps. There are lots of unique and interesting ones to choose from! I've been working on some new squidoo lenses and some fun designs for my zazzle store. I joined a fabulous 'mom' network! Some really awesome, creative and smart moms out there and it's so fun to share and learn with them! Anyhow, better get creating! Remember to smile it makes you and others feel good! Shell's Designs

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