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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Takes Over Tuesdays Again

If you happen to be an American Idol fan, Tuesday nights you'll be on the couch again! Actually, I have watched and liked this show in the past but last year I must say I was getting a little tired of it! Gets to be the same after awhile. So I'll have to see how it goes this season whether I stay tuned or not! Let's see what have I been up to... I finished working on another lens. This article is on Bearded Dragons, it was pretty easy to write as my son happens to have one of these for a pet! I also took photographs of the dragon, his name is 'Wilson'and I used some of the photo's on my zazzle products! They turned out pretty neat! Hope I sell lots of them! Well have to get dinner going so that's it for now! Shell's Designs

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