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Friday, March 18, 2016

Valuing Your Time

You've heard it said, we all have the same twenty four hours in a day but it's what we do with those hours that makes the difference. Valuing your time and learning to manage it well is a challenge many people face daily. When you have a business that requires a great deal of your time and energy you want to make the most of it. Finding balance and focusing and being well organized is a big key to managing your time properly.

Everyone has days where procrastination sets in and energy levels are low and those can be tough ones to manage but organizing your time correctly and efficiently will help you be much more productive throughout your day.

No doubt, running a business takes a great deal of quality time but if you use your time wisely the results will certainly show. Remember you are the one in control of your time so choose your priorities and set up your day to run as smoothly as you can. If you're balancing children's schedules, helping parents or volunteering you'll want to factor all of these important things into your day.

A well designed work schedule can make a huge difference in what you accomplish for your business too! Sure it can be hard to follow it one hundred percent of the time but if you can manage to follow it most days you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and commitment.

Time management is really a skill that is learned. Time is defined in the dictionary by 'the point or period when something occurs'. There is clock time and real time. Time can pass quickly or drag on endlessly depending what we are doing. Time can also be seen in the growth of a child. In the long run, it's truly not about having enough time it's simply about learning to manage your time wisely.
Basically you need to plan, schedule and act on your time. You are the manager and if you value your time you will learn to be creative, take action and make things happen.  

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