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Friday, May 23, 2014

Gala Event Planning Tips

Hosting a gala event, black tie affair or fancy reception requires hard work and great organization. You want things to run smoothly and be as elegant and fairy-tale like as possible. There are many things that you’ll want to be aware of as you begin your planning.

- hire help or at least recruit friends or family members that you can count on and that you can give specific duties too.

- find your venue and check out the set up, halls, ballrooms or churches are often rented out for such fancy events

- choose your Master of Ceremonies to host your event

- choose a menu, bar options, dessert buffet

- if it’s a charity event you’ll need to decide on your fundraising and set goals for this as well

- choose your invitations, rsvp cards and send these out at least 6 weeks in advance of your event, include dress code (black tie, formal)

- choose table seating cards, tables, chairs, tablecloths, table decorations and any other decor require

- does the venue have a PA system or do you need to bring one in, choose your music or have your MC prepare this

-make a table seating chart and have hosts to direct people to their seats

Well that’s a short list with lots of information to think about if you’re about to plan a gala event, especially if it’s your first time hosting something this big and special. Just remember to enlist help and it will all come together.

Here are some samples of table seating cards, invitations and reply cards below. You can visit here to see lots more styles and various  color combinations.

Silver Sequins Invitation Card
Silver Sequins Invitation Card
Black Gold Black Corporate Party Event Template Personalized Invite
Black Tie Corporate Party Event Invite
Black and White Initial Reply Card
Black and White Reply Card
Black & White Traditional Wedding RSVP Card
Black & White Traditional RSVP Card
Formal Tuxedo Black Table Number Seating Place Table Cards
Formal Tuxedo Black Table Number Seating Cards
Elegant Black and White Art Deco Table Numbers Post Card
Elegant Black and White Table Seating Cards

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