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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Creating With a Twofold Purpose

Sometimes when I’m in a super creative mood I try to think of something I’d like to create that could be used in a twofold way.  Something that has a decorative purpose (as I like to be crafty)  as well as something that could be utilized in my business.

It’s no secret that I like to decorate my home for Christmas with lots of pretty ornaments and use them in various ways. I’ll use them on the Christmas tree of course, in vases and glass bowls and wherever I feel they’ll add a touch of sparkle.

This past week I decided to make these adorable ‘cupcake’ themed ornaments that I’d seen on Pinterest.  So I gathered all the supplies and began to craft. They turned out super cute, I think they’ll look awesome on a small white tree with other ‘sweet’ themed ornaments. 

So to explain the twofold purpose, you see first the cupcake ornaments will be used on my small white tree as a decoration in my home. Secondly for the twofold purpose, I took pictures of them arranged in a variety of styles and used them on products in my store. I was able to put them on Christmas cards with the instructions inside for others to make. I used the pictures on wrapping paper, stickers and postage that I sell in my shop too! So now you see what I mean by being able to use my creative ideas and utilize it in my business as well!   I had fun crafting and grew my business too!

Here are some pictures and instructions in case you feel inspired and want to make some of these cute ornaments for your home or to give as gifts. 



regular size glass ornament (your choice of color), paper plate, paintbrush, acrylic craft paint (antique white), glitter (color of your choice), hot glue gun or tacky glue, holly berries (for cherries), ornament hooks or ribbon, foil or fancy paper cupcake liners.


-holding ornament paint top half with antique white paint

-over a paper plate start sprinkling glitter over paint twirling it to cover all areas, allow to dry

- once dry apply hot glue to bottom of ornament and place in cupcake liner

-take a holly berry, apply glue and position it at the top of your ornament

-add a hook or a ribbon and it’s ready to hang

Below you’ll see how I used the pictures on some of my products! Stop by my shop to see what else is new!  Feel free to leave me a comment, especially if you’ve made these or are planning too!

Christmas Cupcake Tree Decorations Cards
Christmas Cupcake Tree Decorations Card
Fancy Christmas Cupcake Decorations Gift Wrap
Fancy Christmas Cupcake Gift Wrap
Fancy Cupcakes Square Sticker
Fancy Cupcakes Gift Tag
Black Paw Print Pet Tag
Black Paw Print Pet Tag
Little Owl on a Branch Square Sticker
Little Owl on a Branch Address Label
Snowman with Hearts Baking Design Aprons
Snowman with Hearts Baking Apron

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