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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

20 Ideas for Your Next Blog

Are you finding yourself stuck for your next blog post? Sometimes we all get in a rut and struggle with what to share or write about. Coming up with fresh and new ideas can be a challenge if you write a blog every few days or even once a week as I do. As I was thinking of what I would share today, I decided to create a list that might help others find blogging inspiration, perhaps some ideas that you’d never thought to share before.

Professional or Business Related Ideas

How to use SEO for your Business

Using Pinterest to get exposure and higher rate of traffic

What are the Benefits of Using LinkedIn

Compile a list of blog postings in your niche

Create a list of online resources for business folks in your industry

Top 5 ways to market your business

Share the best business networking sites from your experience

How to write great articles

Tips on making a brand for yourself

Ideas for staying vital in a competitive market

General Ideas

3 books you should read

My favourite vacation spot

How to host a block party

Share your summer hobby

Write about the last good movie you watched

Your best recycling tips

Why you should give to charities

Share a favourite recipe

Create and share a list of organizational tips

Share a do-it yourself project with step by step pictures

I know it’s just a short list but perhaps it gets you thinking and exploring some further options for your next blog post.

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  1. Excellent post Shell! Love your ideas on getting past that bloggers writers block.

  2. Thank you Mimi, hope it helps a few people with some good writing ideas! Have a great week! :-)