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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Marketing Strategies

Time for some new marketing strategies! SEO is basically finding ways to promote and improve your website so that your traffic from the search engines increases. It seems SEO has become a lot harder these days and way more challenging for the online marketer. Some of the things that come into play with SEO involve words and descriptions, the way other sites link to your site on the web and also the set up of your site. Search engines are the main method that traffic is driven to your site. The big ones are Google, Yahoo and Bing. The thing with search engines is that people put in the description of what they’re looking for and if that’s what your site offers they will be directed to your page. These are referred to as targeted visitors. That’s why it’s important for the search engines to be able to find your business or you may just miss out on potential sales.

There are lots of new ways that are available to market your online business. Sure they are going to take some time but you have to decide how much time and effort you want to put in in order to promote your business.  Social networking sites are great to promote and advertise your company but you don’t want to bombard these sites and become known as a spammer because that will get you no where in a hurry!

My most recent method to promote my store came about when my son told me about this site called, perhaps you’ve heard of it. This site makes creating your own webpage really easy, you can buy a domain name like I did and create a page marketing your products. This is where you want to go niche’ and choose one type or theme from your business and promote through their own webpage. So I chose to promote my ‘baby shower section’ of my store and my ‘birthday invitation’ section. They now have their own website, so cool! Just click on the underlined words to see my new sites. So now I can promote them with their own url rather than a mass store url. I still have lots to learn but little by little I’m getting there.  Basic sites on Weebly are free but you can upgrade at any time to the Pro package. Basic is good for testing out and to see if this could be something that will help your business.

With my new websites I’ve been working on designs to fit into those pages, so lots of new baby shower invitations and birthday party ideas have been flowing lately. Here’s a sampling below, thanks for stopping by Designs by Shell

Yellow Duck Baby Shower Personalized Invitations

Choo Choo Train Baby Shower Postage Stamps

Pink Choo Choo Train Baby Shower Announcement

Pink Birthday Cupcake with Saying Tees

Splash of Stripes and Dots Birthday Invitation

Choo Choo Train Baby Shower Square Stickers


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