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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Elephant in the Room

The statement ‘The Elephant in the Room’ has become a well known phrase. Basically it refers to an obvious issue or concern that everyone in the room is aware of but chooses to ignore. In the original poem called ‘The Elephant in the Room’ by Terry Kettering he tells about the experience of grieving and how people don’t know what to say to others in times of sadness and grief and so it becomes the elephant in the room. This poem will make you think!I

I actually started thinking about Elephants because my oldest son is in Chiang Mai,Thailand right now and he posted some pictures of his tour riding on an elephant. They really are amazing animals. He was sitting on the head of a giant elephant as it traversed its way through a guided tour. Have a look… Brave, wouldn’t catch me doing that!

Justin on a Elephant

Elephants being the amazing creatures that they are draw the attention of people all over the world. Perhaps you’ve seen them at a zoo, a circus or on an Asian trip. Elephants are seen as a sign of strength, wisdom and also intelligence, no wonder so many people are enthralled by these unique animals. Children love stories and movies about elephants like Dumbo from Disney. Gift items and apparel have become popular featuring elephants in a variety of designs. I also have drawn a few different elephant characters that I’ve used on items in my store. Elephant baby shower invitations, zoo animal birthday invitations, thank you cards and lots more are featured in my store Designs by Shell. Below is a sampling of some of my elephant creations. Hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave me a comment!

Protect the Elephants T-shirt

Zoo Animal Baby Shower Postage Stamps

Cute Elephant Business Cards

Cute Zoo Animal Baby Shower Invitation

Little Pink Elephants Coffee Mugs

Save the Elephants Postage Stamps


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