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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Countdown to Europe

Okay, the big trip is almost here! Getting excited and finalizing the packing list.   This is my first trip to Europe!  I thought since I’m checking my packing list I may as well share some tips here. I’m sure many of you will be taking trips this year so you may be able to apply some of the information I share!


1) Passport – keep a spare copy of your passport and birth certificate with you and leave a copy at home with someone in your family.

2) Shoulder Bag – (ladies) a good bag that has an adjustable sturdy shoulder strap, allows your hands to be free and is safer. For the (guys) maybe a money belt or a ‘man’ bag…

3) Euro’s and Credit Cards – take enough Euro’s with you for the first couple of days, and a back up credit card to be safe.

4) Pack light, once you’ve decided on your clothes, leave one outfit behind, you’ve probably packed more than you’ll need. (I know this one is hard)

5) Pack vitamins, ibuprofen and any stomach or nausea medication you think you might need.

6) A few random things I’m throwing in… band-aids, large zip lock bags, safety pins, neck pillow, hand sanitizer… what else would you suggest?

Well although I’ve been very busy getting ready, I have still found time for some new designs… my store will still be open so drop by anytime… Designs by Shell


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