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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maintaining Your Fitness Motivation

Some days it is definitely harder than others to stay motivated and inspired to do a good workout. Whether you choose to go to a gym and lift weights and do cardio machines or you prefer to exercise outdoors, one still needs motivation. A few of the ways that work for me are : 1) Set small goals… like today I’m going to do two sets of lunges or add an extra 8 squats to my routine. 2) Think of something healthy that you love to eat like fresh strawberries or a juicy peach and remind yourself how good that will taste when you finish your workout. 3) Wear something stylish or cute (ladies) it really does put you in a better mood than if you just throw on an old t-shirt.  4) Find a workout partner that can motivate you for at least one of your workouts during the week. For me I work out with my husband on the weekend and we help motivate each other. We always have a delicious breakfast after our workout too! So try to make it fun and you’ll stay motivated. Here are some designs from my store that might inspire you too! Designs by Shell

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