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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Using Twitter for Business

Twitter is a powerful platform that allows you to share content by creating and sharing tweets. By now I’m sure that if you have an on-line business you are well aware of the benefits of Twitter and are probably utilizing this site everyday to help gain visibility and awareness of your company or products. It is a free service!

What is a tweet? – A tweet is your post (comment) made up of 140 characters. A short and sweet message that includes a link.

What is a follower? – A follower is someone who has decided to follow a person or a company and receive ‘tweets’ as they are posted on-line.

There are good and bad ways to use Twitter. Constantly tweeting, repetitive tweets can be seen as spam and this is a way to turn followers off. Here are some good methods on how to use Twitter for promoting your business.

- Ask a question or give an answer in a tweet

- Share what you know

- network and follow people in your industry

- create links to your website or blog

- re-tweet others content

- create tweets that are on point and can be easily re-tweeted

- be sure your tweets contain images (people will  be more naturally inclined to click when there are pictures to be seen)

- be respectful of others content (you don’t have to agree with them)

- promote for others rather than always yourself

Twitter is a fabulous networking and sharing platform with great communication tools. All kinds of businesses are finding new ways every day to make it work for them. Using Twitter to improve customer relations and interactions as well as getting your brand out there can be good for your business. Whether you’ll see an increase in your sales from this free service, I don’t know but it sure can’t hurt, gaining loyal followers and keeping your business in front of many eyes has got to be a positive thing. 

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