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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

8 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business

Contrary to what some believe,It doesn’t take an arm load of money to market your small business and find success.  Even with a limited budget there are many ways to get your business in view of the global market.  There are several options and methods to consider using such as the more popular ones like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest and many other lesser known sites.

Marketing your business will take time and effort but can be done. Here is a list of eight different ideas and places to market your website at no cost.

1) Build a Google+ site and add businesses to your circles that sell similar products or services to yours. Share content and information with a link back to your business.

2) Join a business networking site and create press releases to share your information and products or service tips. Comment on others PR’s and share their information as well, this will help gain you respect and help build relationships to further your business.

3) Niche social media sites offer forums where you can share your relevant information and ideas and participate by commenting and helping others learn too!

4) Write articles, ‘how to’ articles are a great way to share what you know about a topic and can be helpful in getting you links and possibly mentions that can help promote your business.

5) Write a blog, whether daily or weekly, blogs are great tools where you can share your thoughts and talk about your business. (Just like this one)

6) Create a Facebook page and engage people that are interested in  your products or services. Add images and links.

7) Pinterest is a great platform to share your products, follow others as well as like and comment on others pins. Likely others will do the same for you. Always link to reputable sites. Check the source before you re-pin something too!

8) Tweet, tweet tweet. Use Twitter and get connected to other networkers.  Ask questions, share answers and get your brand out there.

Well I hope you feel inspired and start doing all of the things I’ve shared with you, with time and consistency results will come. A business doesn’t become a success overnight but don’t give up, keep taking baby steps and soon you’ll see good things happening!

Heading out on vacation this week and looking forward to seeing family and friends as well as enjoying some sunny weather and relaxation time. 

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