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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do You Hear Wedding Bells

Are wedding bells in your future, perhaps your daughter or son, extended family member or yourself will be getting married this year. Weddings can be exciting to plan as well as a little stressful. There are so many great sites that offer wedding advice, tips, themes and what the latest trends are. My favourite place to get great ideas for, well just about anything is Pinterest. My Pinterest boards are here. I also have several pages on different wedding color themes. Here is a list of some of them…

Purple Wedding Theme

Hot Pink Wedding Theme

Navy Blue Wedding Theme

Yellow Wedding Theme

So many people post beautiful wedding pictures with ideas for gowns, venues, invitations, food, flowers and all types of unique wedding themes on Pinterest. Beach weddings, rustic and natural, glitz and glamour and winter wonderland are just a few of the popular themes I’ve noticed. One can gather ideas and then put your own spin on them to make them special for your wedding day.

Every year the trending colors for weddings changes up just a little bit… according to a list of wedding trends for 2013 compiled by Queensland wedding venue The Pavilion Function & Conference Centre the trending colors are turquoise, coral, black and white, yellow, fuchsia, slate grey, purple and latte. Wow, that’s a great list. One could use just a hint or shade of these colors or choose one as your main color. I think any of these would make a beautiful wedding. 

Wedding postage, save the date cards and magnets, table seating cards and labels have all started selling this last week. I’ve been busy coming up with some fun new designs and colors for wedding items in my store. Look under my ‘wedding’ category to see all the new creations. 

Here’s a small sampling of some Wedding designs…

Navy Blue Ribbon Save the Date Postage

Royal Blue Save the Date Personalized Announcement

Classy Purple Thank You Card

Purple Hearts Table Seating Card

Purple Branches and Stripes RSVP Postage

Modern Coral Save the Date Magnet


Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Elephant in the Room

The statement ‘The Elephant in the Room’ has become a well known phrase. Basically it refers to an obvious issue or concern that everyone in the room is aware of but chooses to ignore. In the original poem called ‘The Elephant in the Room’ by Terry Kettering he tells about the experience of grieving and how people don’t know what to say to others in times of sadness and grief and so it becomes the elephant in the room. This poem will make you think!I

I actually started thinking about Elephants because my oldest son is in Chiang Mai,Thailand right now and he posted some pictures of his tour riding on an elephant. They really are amazing animals. He was sitting on the head of a giant elephant as it traversed its way through a guided tour. Have a look… Brave, wouldn’t catch me doing that!

Justin on a Elephant

Elephants being the amazing creatures that they are draw the attention of people all over the world. Perhaps you’ve seen them at a zoo, a circus or on an Asian trip. Elephants are seen as a sign of strength, wisdom and also intelligence, no wonder so many people are enthralled by these unique animals. Children love stories and movies about elephants like Dumbo from Disney. Gift items and apparel have become popular featuring elephants in a variety of designs. I also have drawn a few different elephant characters that I’ve used on items in my store. Elephant baby shower invitations, zoo animal birthday invitations, thank you cards and lots more are featured in my store Designs by Shell. Below is a sampling of some of my elephant creations. Hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave me a comment!

Protect the Elephants T-shirt

Zoo Animal Baby Shower Postage Stamps

Cute Elephant Business Cards

Cute Zoo Animal Baby Shower Invitation

Little Pink Elephants Coffee Mugs

Save the Elephants Postage Stamps


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Going Wild With Animal Prints

Animal prints and patterns have been popular for decades. They’re seen in fashions of all kinds like clothing, handbags and shoes and have gained popularity in home decor and furniture. They have also become popular for birthday invitations, wedding and shower themes. Pretty much if you want an item with an animal print on it you’ll be able to find it.  Animal prints came on strong in the 80’s and seem to be timeless as they can be used so diversely. 

Whether it’s leopard spots, tiger and zebra stripes, giraffe spots people seem to love them. Animal prints can be done in a variety of colors which can make them bold and fun or soft and feminine.

I’ve been going a little wild with creating designs using animal prints this past week for my store. I love playing with the patterns and being pleasantly surprised by the way they look as I use different colors in the designs. Such fun ideas start popping into my mind. I’ve created jungle themed birthday invitations, thank you cards, baby shower invitations with giraffe and zebra themes. Also postage and business cards too! The ideas just keep flowing!  The paint program I bought comes with some animal print graphics ready to go, so then it’s just putting my imagination to use and seeing what fun creations I can come up with!  I love being creative!  Anyways below you’ll see some of the fun animal print designs I’ve created for my store. Please come by for a visit and see what else is new.

Zebra Pattern Birthday Invitation

Wild Tiger Fur Pattern Invitation Cards

Blue Giraffe Fur Pattern Birthday Card

Leopard Fur Pattern Birthday Invitation

Pink Giraffe Fur Pattern Labels

Tiger and Lion Birthday Invitation


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Learning a New Toy

Well the new year is off to a great start. I’m slowly getting back in the groove of designing and coming up with new ideas for my store, Designs by Shell. This past week I retired my old and tired tablet and was able to purchase a new Windows 8 Tablet. So nice, fast and fluid with amazing battery life. My poor old tablet was only able to give me about an hour of juice before it would run out but my new tablet can go for almost a full day before I have to charge it. I love the size and light weight of it and it boots up in seconds. It comes with a built in pen which I use to create my drawings and then just pop it back in the storage slot when I’m not using it. I purchased a paint program that allows me to create and try different creative techniques to use in my designs. The tablet comes with a docking keyboard and touch screen. It’s a fully functioning PC that has the same speed and power as a desktop computer. The Windows 8 version is still fairly new to me so I have a little learning to do but in time I’ll have it figured out.

Motivational quote for you: “Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great” –Orison Swett Marden

Here are a couple of designs I created using my new Tablet. Pop by my store to see what else is new. I’ll be busy adding new products daily.

Bees in the Flowers Custom Shipping Label

Bumble Bees Refrigerator Magnets

Bird with Balloons - Birthday Party Planner Business Card Templates

Buzzing Bee's Birthday Wishes Greeting Card

Juicy Pear Round Stickers

Cute Bird Holding Balloons Card