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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adapting to Marketing Changes

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pace and change that marketing for your business has you facing. It seems that changes are happening so fast that it’s becoming a chase with no end.

With technology growing in leaps and bounds this means changes for all businesses. As I was reading some articles that talked about the effects of change on marketing I was quite frankly overwhelmed. I guess reading a few articles isn’t enough to keep you in the loop these days. For the average on-line business person there is so much to learn to stay on the cutting edge of marketing. The game has changed so to speak and one has to find new ways to promote, advertise and share your business. 

As the marketing tools change so quickly you have to take steps to adapt your thinking and change your business methods.

Sharing on popular platforms can have advantages for your business, like Pinterest. Are you aware of how this site can promote your brand and potentially be a great sales tool for you.

Many marketing methods are free but maybe you need to think about how much you need to spend on services that can promote your business. Do you have a marketing budget?

Just supplying a fabulous product doesn’t guarantee sales anymore, you have to be offering something that speaks to someone, supplying something that brings meaning to someone’s life. People have short attention spans and there are so many options out there that what you’re selling has to be valuable. I heard somewhere that whatever you own you should either love it or it should serve a purpose.

Whatever it is you’re selling you have to create a positive experience, stand out and create a ‘brand’ that makes your customers return for more.  It is challenging to connect with customers through all of the new devices and platforms. The ways of marketing have changed as people now constantly interact with mobile apps and new websites popping up daily. It is hard to understand people’s thinking and what motivates them to make a purchase. I believe it’s an ongoing process and one that will continue to keep business owner’s being creative and making good use of technology to attract customers.

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