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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Comforts of Working From Home

Working from home can be great when you consider all of the comforts and perks that go with it. However if you don't have your work space or office set up properly it can also be a distraction. For myself I need organization. I can't work when there is too much clutter or the area is messy. Everyone works differently, I know. 

There are things that are definitely essentials that you need in an office space when you work from home.  You will need a designated room or portion of a room that provides you with a quiet place to concentrate when needed and allow you to get tasks done in an orderly fashion.  A space with plenty of windows that let in natural light is one that is important to me. Dark spaces are hard to work in. 

A good desk with a computer or laptop set up is necessary for all online businesses.  Some people like adjustable desks for a variety of work tasks they may be doing. A desk should be large enough to hold desk accessories and items that you'll want at your fingertips. Adding a few personal decor items is a nice touch too. 

A solid adjustable chair that is comfortable is very important as sometimes you are spending a lot of time in it. Being able to vary the height and lean back occasionally can help you get through long sessions. 

A desk lamp or task light is another essential as you can position it where you want it to shine as you work. 

My coffee definitely has a place on my desk and I refill it a few times as I am working. It gets me up from the desk so I can stretch and get a brief walk up the stairs to the kitchen to refill it. 

Is there something that you consider essential on your desk?  Maybe it's a snack or your phone or a picture that inspires you! 

I've been creating youtube video's lately and working back into my routine a little more. ( If you read my last post you'll know what I'm talking about)  

Here is the latest one I created to showcase my dental designs. Thanks for watching! 

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