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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Reasons to Love Fall

The leaves are beginning to change colors and subtle hints of the fall season are starting to appear. Fall is by far my favorite season of the year for so many reasons.  The spring season is not far behind but during the fall months I revel in the crisp fresh air as I take walks and feel the crunch of fallen leaves beneath my feet or feel the gentle wind on my face as I take a bike ride. Autumn has a particular beauty to enjoy. 

I find this season to be one of fresh beginnings, letting go of the lazier days of summer and setting new goals and getting back into more structured days. The evening sets in sooner and it feels okay to go to bed a little earlier when it's dark outside.  

Another one of my favorite things about the fall season is everything Pumpkin. I know, but seriously I love pumpkin pie. My husband and I have to limit ourselves to one a month or we would find ourselves eating it every weekend and that would definitely blow the health goals. Tis' the season of pumpkin loaves, muffins, pumpkin lattes and even pumpkin scented candles. 

Fall is also the season of cozy over sized sweaters and boots of course.  No more sweaty summer days of melting makeup and flat hair. Pretty fall colored clothing and makeup can give you a new sense of freshness. 

The autumn season also lends itself to comfort food. Time to make some hearty lentil soup and enjoy warm muffins with a hot cup of coffee.  Things that can be made in the crock pot like tasty chili's also make me think of fall days.  Last night I made one of our favorite recipes and this one is super easy.  It's called Zesty Bean Dip and this recipe only uses 4 ingredients and whips up in no time. If you want to try this recipe just click on the link. It's so yummy. 

If you decide to make this recipe leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it. 

Time to get busy and work on some new designs for the upcoming holidays. I hope you take time to enjoy some of the many great things about the fall season. 

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