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Monday, October 10, 2016

Creating a Video Is Really That Simple

Do you create videos for fun or for business purposes? I have recently been reading and looking into using different platforms where I could make a simple video to showcase some of my products and put together some Christmas craft video clips to share on Youtube.  My son recommended I try the new Windows 12 Movie Maker as this is one that he had recently used and said it was pretty straight forward to use. Thus began another learning journey for me!  Once Windows Movie Maker was downloaded to my computer I opened it up and started adding uploading my pictures that I wanted to put in my video. The order you upload them in doesn't matter as you have the ability to move them around or delete them if they are not the ones you want. You can add a title page if you desire. I then added a name to my project and saved it.  After getting all my pictures in the order I wanted them, I added captions to several of them. Super easy, click on the caption link to do this. I choose the method that I wanted the pictures to change frames, I believe it was the Contemporary view that I choose. If you want to have narration in your video there is a button to add that too! I didn't use that in mine but perhaps in the future! Next I wanted to add some music to play along as the pictures change. For this I joined Vimeo, there you can choose from free or low cost music clips to add to your video. Piece of cake!  Look for the genre and browse the list to find a song that works for you. After adding a slide for the credits and soundtrack I was pretty much happy with it. Publish it and share it wherever you like. Here's where you can add it to Youtube or share it on social media sites as desired. So if you've been wanting to try making a simple video for sometime now, you should give it a go! 

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