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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Selling Through Your Own Website Versus Store

So I’ve been wondering a lot lately about the best ways to promote products online. I’ve come to realize that when you have a store on Zazzle and there are literally thousands of others that have stores on Zazzle, your store can get completely buried and is then like finding a needle in a haystack! Through sharing and speaking with others I know that many people are frustrated with not being able to get their products viewed they way they would like to.

It has also come to my attention that Zazzle is pushing store owner’s to find their own way to market their individual products. I realized this even more as I began doing specific searches for certain products in the Zazzle marketplace. Take for instance, I want to find a nautical birthday card, I type that in the search box and it pulls up cards, postage, labels and all kinds of items with this theme. I only wanted to look for a birthday card not sort through a bazillion other related items. This can be very frustrating for customers and I think store owners lose a lot of business this way.  

I’ve come to realize that the best way to market your store items is to create your own websites that promote and link to your products, or the one’s that you wish to refer. A big advantage to sending people to your own website versus your store is that there will likely be a much higher potential for referrals.  Creating your own website allows you to design it with a professional look, choose your own themes, page style, fonts and set up!  I recently designed two websites, you can view them and let me know what you think! The first is Birthday Party Invitations and the second is Baby Shower Themes!  Thanks for bookmarking them too, you never know when they might come in handy!

Once you’ve created your website you’ll then want to look for places to promote it. There are lots of places to promote your sites, twitter, pinterest, forums, LinkedIn, FB, Google+, etc.  I’m learning and searching for new sites and ideas of how to market daily! Feel free to share your thoughts with me here!

Orange Cake and Cupcakes Birthday Invitation
Orange Cake and Cupcakes Birthday Invitation
Dazzling Daisies Birthday Invitation
Dazzling Daisies Birthday Invitation
Nautical Sailboat Baby Boy Shower Invitation
Nautical Sailboat Baby Shower Invitation
Sitting Giraffe with Giraffe Fur Print Gift Wrapping Paper
Giraffe Fur Print Gift Wrapping Paper


  1. Nice post. I too have been looking to make my own site. I see your sites are weebly powered. Any reason you chose them over blogger?

  2. Thank you, if you want to make a website but aren't too tech savy, Weebly makes it super easy, pretty much drag and drop method to add content. You can still personalize it as much as you want too! Have a great day!