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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hand Writing Suffers Due to Technology

Due to the digital age and so many of us only using computers to send messages, letters, memos etc. hand writing has become a skill that many of us are losing. Just like the saying use it or lose it, it’s very true in this case. Cursive writing takes much practice when first learning it but also contributes to dexterity and good hand-eye coordination.

Hand writing is used less and less in the business world, everything being pushed out on computers. Granted keyboarding is much faster  for many and more efficient with spell check at hand. Holding a pen actually feels a little foreign,the letters begin to lose their shape while penmanship declines. Many people can still print okay but cursive handwriting when not practiced regularly begins to fade and get rather messy for some.

What do you think? How often do you use cursive writing in your day to day life?  Many of us simply only use it as our signature and nothing more.  The question has been brought up in high schools and colleges as to whether cursive writing should be continually worked on or the focus should be towards keyboarding skills. In college many students still prefer to take notes by hand but when it comes to turning in assignments the majority prefer to hand in a typed paper. It looks neater, easier to spell check and move words and paragraphs around. Bad penmanship isn’t an issue and the professors can mark it with ease.

Graphologists believe that your hand writing can give clues to your personality. A Graphologist is someone who analyzes hand writing, this term was new to me! They say the size, the slant, the loops etc. all say something about personality traits. Hmmm, interesting!

Well feel free to share your thoughts or comments here, hope you enjoyed the read! 

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