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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Design is a Verb

Well according to Wikipedia “Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system”  Design has different meanings depending on the field it’s being used in. In some instances the creation of an object is the design.  To create a design as a verb as in creating drawings or plans. A plan or finished design as in a work of art  would be a noun. Designing can mean adding details and developing something from scratch.  That’s how many of my designs in my store come to be. I start with a small idea, begin to draw it and add detail and decorate it as new ideas form and I can see a finished design.  People have asked me how I come up with my designs and really aside from being inspired by nature and life in general it’s just a matter of being creative, experimenting and going with an idea that pops in your mind. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t but it’s all a creative experience. 

Designers are those who artistically or skilfully come up with ideas or plans intended for a definite purpose. Designers are basically creators of a style. For example there are designers in many different fields such as digital designers, home designers, fashion designers, jewelry designers, hair designers, engineers etc. A designer is a person who creates and will often see a design through to its completion.

There are many types of digital design, some are more well known than others. There are web designers, digital imaging, 3D modeling, digital coding, etc. Not all digital designers deal with all of these methods many specialize in just one or more. In my business the work I do in this area of design is basically digitally created designs using my Samsung tablet, drawing with a digital pen. Most of my creations are from scratch although recently I’ve found some great graphic prints and shapes that I’ve been able to incorporate into my designs. Sometimes starting with a graphic can be inspiring and help get the juices flowing. I also love to photograph nature and travel scenes and use these on many of the products in my store as well.

Well I hope all this talk of designing has put you in the mood to go be creative, whatever it is you do, be inspired and let your creativity flow! Here are some of my latest designs below…

What’s you experience with design? How do you come up with ideas? Please feel free to share your thoughts!

Teddy Bear with Honey Pot Baby Shower Invitation

Pink Teddy Bear Baby Shower Postage

Modern Stacking Teacups Tees

Stacking Teacups Business Card

Blue Modern Thank You Greeting Cards

Modern Yellow Stripes and Dots Birthday Invitation



  1. I'm struggling to be creative at the moment. My day job is sucking the creativity right out of me and bringing me down. Oh, to be able to retire and work on my art and designs full time!

  2. Hi Jayne, oh sorry to hear you're feeling the burn out from your day job, hope it gets better! Keep creating the ideas will come eventually. All the best to you!