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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Going Wild With Animal Prints

Animal prints and patterns have been popular for decades. They’re seen in fashions of all kinds like clothing, handbags and shoes and have gained popularity in home decor and furniture. They have also become popular for birthday invitations, wedding and shower themes. Pretty much if you want an item with an animal print on it you’ll be able to find it.  Animal prints came on strong in the 80’s and seem to be timeless as they can be used so diversely. 

Whether it’s leopard spots, tiger and zebra stripes, giraffe spots people seem to love them. Animal prints can be done in a variety of colors which can make them bold and fun or soft and feminine.

I’ve been going a little wild with creating designs using animal prints this past week for my store. I love playing with the patterns and being pleasantly surprised by the way they look as I use different colors in the designs. Such fun ideas start popping into my mind. I’ve created jungle themed birthday invitations, thank you cards, baby shower invitations with giraffe and zebra themes. Also postage and business cards too! The ideas just keep flowing!  The paint program I bought comes with some animal print graphics ready to go, so then it’s just putting my imagination to use and seeing what fun creations I can come up with!  I love being creative!  Anyways below you’ll see some of the fun animal print designs I’ve created for my store. Please come by for a visit and see what else is new.

Zebra Pattern Birthday Invitation

Wild Tiger Fur Pattern Invitation Cards

Blue Giraffe Fur Pattern Birthday Card

Leopard Fur Pattern Birthday Invitation

Pink Giraffe Fur Pattern Labels

Tiger and Lion Birthday Invitation


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